nike on avenueK


There was a time when we held the view [to this day] that avenueK ought to be an all-white scheme, and so here it is. And the columns, now that they are NOT white we take the view a revision is on its way to carry the snowy theme more faithfully. The black columns were there in the first place to carry the podium together with a black floor along the entire length of the pedestrian walk. The escalators at ken time was key architectural element to hold the atrium together but more recently the advent of new retailers have promoted the relocation of as many as six Paris of escalators and introduction for three more for H and M and the lower concourse. Altogether we have also captured the upper floors more functionally by introducing changes in direction of the escalators throughout. The next phase would also include the deck on level 6 which the roof level which us currently undergoing major changes to the circulation.

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