history of AvenueK

This is zlgdesign’s website for avenueK, a mixed development comprising a 38 storey KResidence tower together with a mixed hotel and 32 serviced residence tower, both sitting atop a six storey podium. This site serves to inform visitors on the salient design features of the project currently in its 5th year of construction, later to finish in another 7 years, as at the time of writing, the project has stalled and opened only partially. zlgdesign later worked on this project with the cooperation and input from many other foreign consultants, amongst others Lighting Consultants Ms Anne Militello of Vortexlite USA, Mr Christian Liaigre, Ms Anne Li Koh from Hong Kong and Mr. Yasumichi Morita [Galmorous Ltd] from Japan, for the conceptual interior proposals for some of the 19 apartment types in Tower A. Originally conceived by HK architects Wong & Ouyang back in 1995, avenue K was at the time known as Duta Plaza. It went through several design changes on the facade, incorporating then the removal of all columns and colonnades and arches, typically mock classical architecture. The introduction of feature glass stairs within this atrium space was also at one time intended to bring connectivity to the upper floors. This design was prompted by Ms Eva Jiricna, and managed by Wong and Ouyang architects at the time, Huat Lim was assistant project architect. The fully glazed 170m long podium block of avenueK has been developed together with the input of Ms Anne Militello, of VortexLite of USA, and the cooperation of many local consultants, amongst others Mssrs Goh Hock Guan Architects (who were architects of record, and submitting on behalf of Wong and Ouyang, Seksan Design (very briefly) and local structural engineers, Mssrs Tahir Wong Sdn Bhd. The key contractors were Mr. Ng of Shinwa Metals and Jalex, Mr Ng took care of the engineering of the aluminium and glass facade, with input from specialist facade consultants. The atrium underwent a major change where Christina has wanted one side of the wall to be glazed and this was intended at the time for projections. ZLG together with GP studios later conceived a design which removed the flank walls and recreated a more homogenous space on the upper levels. This feature is not yet visible in 2007. ZLGDESIGN were later appointed again in 2012 to continue with the renovations under the leadership of Ms Sue Wang.


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