When zlgdesign was commissioned by Olympia to reconfigure and shape the building after it was stalled in the late nineties, the first thing we wanted desperately to do was to hack out the central bubble lift, which at one time must have made quite an impression upon our good Clients. So hack the bubble lifts we did amongst many other things, to the amazement of the contractors. It was clearly too cluttered a building to be of any use for retail, and had no special way to present itself as a luxury development. Thereafter we shaved the floor plate so that it was flatter on the elevation. Lastly, but probably most importantly the atrium void lost its floral shape, and took on a simple gently curved opening to the fourth storey, and thereafter we placed an entirely new floor slab. This did wonders for the marketing department of avenue K, but was reasonably done to achieve a better proportion of lettable space to what was already assinged as net areas for the atrium.

avenueK was soon renamed with little difficulty from what it was formerly known, Duta Plaza. A lot of work however went into repositioning this retail development to get it to where it is today, kuala lumpur’s premier destination for speciality restaurants and luxury goods, but also a place for the young people wanting an alternative shopping experience.

One thought on “design

  1. The entire process of design took no less than 8 years, the turning point was when Leighton was brought in to price for major re-hacking and reconstruction of the entire facade and floor plate.

    Huat LIM

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